A new
concept for better

         Independent consulting: the ALCON team headed by Dr. Dieter Brodalla offers individual answers to all your questions concerning quality and environment. When planning anodizing lines and powder coating plants ALCON avails itself of the latest findings of chemical process engineering.

         New technologies:
Thanks to the cooperation and joint development with renowned firms of the international aluminium industry ALCON can offer you new technologies from around the world, including:

         Recycling-systems for etching, cleaners, colouring, electrolytes, chromating, anodizing, Spraythechniques: COLANO®-Spray Colouring Plants. For each step of the process ALCON chooses, develops and optimizes special solutions for the individual problems of your company.

         Expert opinions:
Our expert opinions are based on the principles of scientific objectiveness. State-of-the-art analysis methods are applied for laboratory investigations. Thanks to the cooperation with experts from important industrial countries we have reached high standards of efficiency from which you can benefit.

         The better the surface quality
         the better the reputation of aluminium
         all the better for your business